Human Resources and the AM Assessment

Adaptive Management is the tool you can use to improve performance throughout your organization. It is the only tool that gets inside the brain and shows how it is being used. The system is easy to learn and easy to teach. You gain the insights you need to improve your job and you can help every manager improve theirs.

Certificate Level 1

Take the on-line 10 week training program to build your understanding of the fundamentals of the Adaptive Management Assessment and Report. Learn why it works and how to apply the results to individual performance improvement. Improve your coaching.

$1000.00 CDN

Limited Time Introductory Special Offer


Certificate Level 2

     Learn to apply the Adaptive Management approach to hiring, managing teams, and training leaders. This 10-week online training program takes you through the specific application of Adaptive Management to common problems in organizational life.

 $1500.00 CDN.

(Pre-requisite Level 1 Certificate)

Certificate Level 3

Develop organization wide programs of change. Bring up the thinking strengths throughout the organization. Coach teams to high performance. 

$2000.00 CDN.

Take it now!

(Pre-requisite Level 2 Certificate)

Change your brain modules

Purchase specific brain change workbooks. These workbooks are based on your assessment and guide you through the step-by-step process of changing your thinking process. Use the worksheets and develop your thinking. Each one is custom-tailored to your thinking process. Each module is a minimum of 15 exercises.

$39.00 CDN.

On-going support

Our staff are available to walk you through problems, give you advice, and explain team performance indicators. They can help you build stronger teams and improve decision-making at every level.

Monthy Support Subscription:

$39.00 per month CDN

The Assessment is free and available to Anyone.