The Adaptive Management Assessment is a new organizational development tool that combines established and well-supported organizational theory with the principles of the emerging field of social-neuropsychology. Human beings have five standard patterns of social evaluation wired into their brains and these are the basis for all decision making, including team and work-group performance. How people apply these patterns is learned, not an aspect of personality. Central to performance improvement is the awareness of individual differences and complementary application of styles within work teams. This is particularly crucial for the development of effective leadership. The AM Assessment is the only tool available for complex assessment of leader performance related to group decision culture. 

The Basic assessment is an individual tool that identifies personal relational decision preferences. Users complete the assessment which is evaluated by Hiebert Organizational Intelligence to produce a report. The report identifies the basic style of decision making and the strengths and skews in decision thinking. The report becomes the basis for an individual action plan that targets areas of potential development in the context of an evaluation of organizational factors. 

The Basic assessment permits coaches, consultants, or HR personnel to undertake the following:

                     Personal coaching for improved individual performance as team members and leaders

                     Work-group and team level relational problem solving

                     Leadership development & succession planning

Using the results of the Basic assessment an HR practitioner can assist individuals and work groups to understand their personal relational style(s) and how their relational preferences and strengths combine to create the basis for an effective working environment. Effective use of the results leads to:

                     Improved tactical thinking at all levels of the organization

                     More effective leaders

                     Reduced amount and intensity of internal conflict

                     Better decisions regarding succession planning

                     Improved operational morale

                     Substantially improve team performance, and

                     Changed organizational culture along select parameters

Under development is the Group assessment, an organization-wide performance improvement system that uses the results of the Basic assessment to implement large scale tactical organizational interventions for improved motivation and performance.